17 augustus 2016 in Actueel

Final report of the day of the endangered laywer 2016 with the focus on Honduras

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

The AED (European federation of 10) lawyer organizations and the Foundation day of the endangered Lawyer are glad to present to you the final report about the last day of the endangered lawyer 2016 (Honduras), also with great thanks to the ELDH and their members for their great efforts).

As we have not received all relevant information it is possible that not all the activities in all the cities have been highlighted. There were activities between Tegucicalpa and Manilla ,and between Alanya and Toronto.

We really hope that the project will continue growing all over the world. We have received again very enthusiastic reactions from lawyers from new cities in other continents for next year 2017.

We hope to receive next year again more news about actions/manifestations in Asia, Australia, Africa, North- and South America. We want to thank you on behalf of the lawyers in Honduras for all your support in 2016 . In the final report you can read about a follow-up,and you can read unfortunately about 6 new killings of lawyers (now already 8)

Basic report about China

This year – for the 7th celebration  of the DAY OF THE ENDANGERED LAWYER – we have made a general report without individual cases and pictures, which you find attached. Much more news about the specific problems the Chinese lawyers have to face, you will find on the internet and in very recent press articles which have been published all over the world.

A month ago more than 100 lawyer organizations and human rights organizations have co-signed the letter to the Chinese president. You find attached a final statement and press information, with thanks to Kit Chan about the fate of the lawyers involved in the 709 crackdown. Beside the lawyers mentioned and involved in the crackdown cases there are many lawyers to mention who have been harassed. They were involved in very different human rights cases or cases against the government. At least we have to mention the cases of the lawyers among many other cases:

– Shu Xiangxin
– Wang Qiushi
– Wang Yu-

-This female lawyer was forced last month by the authorities to refuse the IDHAE-Ludovic Trarieux- human rights prize of 2016.
-This prestigious human rights prize- was decerned to her by an international jury of lawyers,

– Pu Zhigiang
– Wei Lingyue (missing)
– Le Heping
– Hu Shigen
– Zhang Kai
– Zhu Yubiao
– Teng Biao
– Xu Zhiyong
– Wang Yong Hang
– Ding Jiaxi
– Zhou Shifeng

We want to thank the colleagues: Kit Chan, Gill Boehringer, Stuart Russell, Sean Wang and Mohamed Baadoudi for their great support in the preparation for 2017.

International coordination for AED and FOUNDATION DEL

Imane Aynan, lawyer in Rotterdam


Hans Gaasbeek, lawyer in Haarlem
Vice president of the Dutch League of Human Rights

 For the next Day of the Endangered lawyer 24-january-2017 we will receive again the continuous support from:

Lawyers for Lawyers foundation,
CHRLCG –china human rights lawyers concern group
Taiwan support china human rights lawyers network
International association of peoples lawyers,
The Colombia Caravana project,
and many local bar associations and lawyer-organizations   


About Toronto’s Day of the Endangered lawyer, you will find a film on: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh8pwBu9AsY

Concept verslag DBA 2016 versie 9 augustus 2016 (pdf)

Officially Arrested & Under Detention (pdf)

Basic Report about the oppression of lawyers in China (pdf)

DBA achterzijde definitief ENG (pdf)

FIN Attachment 01 CHI (pdf)

FIN Attachment 02 – violations in 709 trials ENG (pdf)

FIN Statement on 709 Trial ENG (pdf)